Perth Auctions offer a wide range of services, which include the sale of your items at auction in our facility or on your site. There are no hidden fees or charges so you aware of all relevant fees and charges prior to our acceptance of your goods. Our auction rates are listed below.

- MINIMUM FEE - $25 (plus GST)

VEHICLE RATES - 10% (plus GST)
- MINIMUM FEE - $250 (plus GST)

Administration fee: $25.00 Per Consignment

For On site or Online Only auction rates please contact us for a confidential consultation and assessment of your individual requirements. Rates are variable from 5% - 20% (plus GST).

We strive to dispose of your surplus goods for the best financial return in the shortest amount of time, but please note our sales policy:

All Perth Auctions staff accepting items for sale have the right to refuse items if they deem them to be unsafe or of NCV.

Reserve prices will not be accepted on goods valued under $100. Reserve Prices on goods will only apply for the first auction. If goods do not sell the first time offered, the price will be reduced by 20% for the following auction. Procedures will then proceed as with non-reserved items as follows.

Items will be put to auction twice with any items not sold the following options are applied:

- Goods will be auctioned for a third and final time and sold for the highest achievable price on the day.

- The vendor is to remove goods from the premises within 3 business days and pay any amounts due. Uncollected items will incur a storage fee per Cubic Metre - Rate (plus GST) To Be Advised.

- Any goods remaining unsold after three auctions will be deemed to have No Commercial Value (NCV) and be disposed of at the auctioneer's discretion. Disposal of your goods by us will attract a fee.

- Per Small Lot - $5 (plus GST) each
- Per Larger Lot (Furniture etc). – minimum fee $25.00(plus GST) To Be Advised per item

Please Note – All electrical items must be assessed by a qualified trades person and supply documentation to support them being free from defects or faults. This is the responsibility of the seller. Without the necessary documentation electrical items may only be sold as suitable for parts or as scrap.

PAYMENTS for all items sold are made asap after final auction date & clearance of funds.
Our preferred method of payment is direct deposit into your nominated bank account. Payments can also be made by cheque and posted. All sellers will be sent a complete account of items sold.

We are available to accept items for auction sales Fridays 9am - 4pm
- Or by appointment

It is advisable to pre book items in for sale to avoid disappointment if we are at capacity.

Finally don’t forget that Perth Auctions does have a transport service available for all your transportation needs.



*Perth Auctions terms & conditions are subject to change without notification.



For further information simply call or email us at Perth Auctions.

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